30Day Butt Challenge!




Show your booty some love! Join us for our 30DAY BUTT CHALLENGE with Fitness Magazine! Click HERE to get started. Or log into The Club, click on Exercise, Virtual Gym and then click on 30 Day Butt Challenge to preview all 6 weeks. You can do it!


This butt challenge is broken up into six 5-day sequences:
1. Floor It
2. Drop It Like It’s Squat
3. Ballet All Day
4. Step It Up
5. Let’s Get Lateral
6. Kick Into High Gear

The first day of each sequence, you’ll only do one exercise. But on the second day, you’ll do exercises from both Day 1 and Day 2. On Day 3, you’ll do the exercises from Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. So by Day 5, you’re doing five exercises!


Several of the exercises from this challenge are also in the  www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com.  For example Day 1 Shoulder Bridge is from the “Ring The Bell Mat Work” Chapter of the Cardio Kickboxing Workout and the full workout burns 700-1000 calories! Just log into the Club, click Virtual Gym and then select “30 Day Butt Challenge” if you’d like to get the most out of this challenge.


Post a message on the Community wall in the club and let us know that you’re joining us! We can’t wait to hear you!




To help you kick off a healthy new year we are starting our 10 DAY AB BLAST challenge this Monday, January 18th in The  Club www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com! Grab a friend and join us! It’s only 10 Days! You can do it!

All of the workouts, healthy recipe guidelines and AB BLAST fat burning tips will be posted in the “Motivation” and “News Section” of The Hollywood Trainer Club. All of these workouts are streaming in our VIRTUAL GYM in THE HOLLYWOOD TRAINER CLUB and you can play them from your phone or laptop anytime, anywhere and they are guaranteed to deliver results! These workouts are guaranteed to deliver results. It starts with only 10mins a day so no excuses even if you only have a few minutes you can still squeeze a workout in. Use the meal calendar and you will be eating the healthy meals required for fat burning. Let’s go! It’s time to blast the belly fat and reveal those amazing abs! Post a message on the Community wall in the club and let us know that you’re joining us! We can’t wait to hear you!

Join Jeanette for 2 workouts in ATLANTA! Hollywood Trainer Cross Training & Power Yoga for Runners!


An added benefit to being a The Hollywood Trainer Club www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com member is enjoying Jeanette’s Hollywood Trainer live workouts! We have collaborated with the beautiful Roc House Women’s Fitness Spa www.RocHouseFitnessSpa.com in Atlanta, Georgia and the motivating Black Girls Run running group www.BlackGirlsRun.com to bring you two dynamic workouts in Atlanta to kick off 2016! Join www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com to get the discount code. Come find out why Jeanette Jenkins is one of Hollywood’s most sought after fitness experts with over 25 years of experience and known for sculpting many of Hollywood’s hottest bodies.

Workout #1: Hollywood Trainer Cross Training, 7:30am-8:30am, Q&A 8:30am- 9:00am 
The session begins with a super energizing warm-up and flows through exercises from several training methods, including Kickboxing, Body Weight Training, Pilates, Yoga and Sports Conditioning. Get ready for a total body workout experience that will motivate you to kick off 2016 with a positive mind, body and spirit! CLICK HERE to Reserve Your Spot!
Workout #2: Power Yoga for Runners, 1:30pm-2:30pm, Q&A 2:30pm- 3:00pm
This Power Yoga for Runners is exclusively designed for Black Girls Run www.BlackGirlsRun.com, Roc House Women’s Fitness Spa www.RocHouseFitnessSpa.com and The Hollywood Trainer Club members! Jeanette will start with meditations and deep breathing, then lead the class through various poses to improve the flexibility of the hips and lower back and strengthen the muscles around the knees ankles and core. After 40 mins of flow yoga sequences the class will then move into 15 to 20mins of seated poses to further improve the flexibility of the hips and lower back and strengthen the core. This workout will finish with final meditations to help you bring power and focus to your 2016 goals. CLICK HERE to Reserve Your Spot! I can’t wait to motivate you in Atlanta!

New York! Kick off your Healthy 2016 with Jeanette Jenkins at Apple Soho!



New York! New York! Join us at the Apple Flagship Soho Store for a special two-part event designed to help you achieve your healthy New Year’s resolutions. Jay Blahnik, Apple’s director of Fitness for Health Technologies will moderate two sessions—the first at 6:30 p.m. with fitness trainer and best-selling author Jorge Cruise, and the second at 7:30 p.m. with Jeanette Jenkins Celebrity Trainer and creator of “The Hollywood Trainer Club” TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com. Both experts will share fitness tips and take questions from the audience. CLICK HERE to Reserve Your Spot! I can’t wait to motivate you in New York!



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The holidays are here and it’s time to see the people you love and care about as well as celebrate all that you’ve accomplished this year. Staying active through the holidays will increase your energy levels, strengthen your immune system putting you at less risk of getting sick and give you a boost of endorphins so you feel less stressed and full of joy.Fa la la la la!

To help you stay active through the holidays we have created the “10 Day Holiday Hot Body Bootcamp”! We’ve provided you with 10 Days of workouts and healthy meals to keep you on track. If you’re short on time you can always do 10 to 20mins of the challenge and you will still experience amazing benefits! Encourage a friend, cousin, aunt, uncle, sibling or children to join you. The more the merrier! Ho! Ho! Ho!

This “10 Day Holiday Hot Body Bootcamp” will begin tomorrow December 12th! All of these workouts and meals are in The Hollywood Trainer Club. Just head over to the Virtual Gym, select “10 Day Holiday Hot Body Bootcamp”” and press play! Let the fun begin!




1. Make the choice to see the positive in every situation this holiday. Don’t stress over the small stuff. If you look for the bad you will have a bad experience. If you look for the good you will have a good experience. The choice is yours but Santa’s Elves and Jeanette’s Merry Fitness Team encourage you to look for the good!

2. Hydrate! Drink plenty of water before your meal. We tend to eat larger portion sizes when dehydrated.

3. If you’re going out for drinks, order water or iced tea for the first round. By the time you finish, your friends may have already finished two or three cocktails, while you’ve saved yourself 500 to 600 calories. And sometimes you’ll be so into the entertainment of everyone else, you might not even want a drink by then!

4. Make it a family affair. Get active with your family members by doing a fun workout together like Cardio Kickboxing or a fun activity like ice skating or even just a walk around the neighborhood.

5. Eat your veggies first. Don’t dive right into carbs! Start with a green salad followed by protein, and then go for another vegetable. Save a treat-size portion of carbohydrates for last. When you have stuffing or mac ‘n’ cheese, have a half cup or full cup — no more.


Go to Jeanette’s Instagram @MsJeanetteJenkins for a chance to win her Merry Fitness Giveaway! All you have to do is post a photo or video of your workout 3x during the “10 Day Holiday Hot Body Bootcamp” with the hashtag #TheHollywoodTrainerClub and tag @HollywoodTrainerClub for a chance to win! Jeanette will pick a winner on Dec. 23rd at the end of the “10 Day Holiday Hot Body Bootcamp!” 

Merry Fitness Giveaway Includes: Jeanette’s full Hollywood Trainer DVD Collection 18DVD’s, Autographed “Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan” Book,  1year subscription to “The Hollywood Trainer Club”www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com, a pair of Nike Air Zoom Fit Agility Training Shoes, $250 Nike Gift Card & Apple Watch!



Mom’s Turkey Vegetable Chili. This delicious recipe is in the recipe section of The Hollywood Trainer Club. Mom makes the best chili, and hers is even better the next day. If you like, divide it into individual containers and freeze for easy meals later in the month. For more delicious recipes & cooking instructions just login to the club  www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com, clickMeals and then Recipes A-Z.

New DROP SET CHISEL workout Hot Body Bootcamp Series

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Just in time to help you avoid that holiday weight gain a fun new workout that will get you chiseled! Exclusively in The Hollywood Trainer Club Hot Body Bootcamp DROP SET CHISEL is the second workout of the New HOT BODY BOOTCAMP SERIES with Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins.

This Weight Training Drop Set workout will help you get chiseled and defined while boosting your metabolic rate so you burn more calories throughout the day!

Each Exercise is executed slowly with control to maximize good form and technique while lifting heavy weight for 10reps recruiting the large & medium fast twitch fibers then dropping the weight down by 50% for 15reps to recruit the medium fast & slow twitch muscle fibers. This drop set technique integrated with Jeanette’s total body circuits will recruit all three muscle fiber types using the “Overload Principle” to maximize your results!

Yes this workout is for Men & Women and we have both male & female trainers in this workout to motivate you! Say hello Hot Body! It’s time for chiseled abs, shapely shoulders, toned arms, defined legs and a round plump booty! All you need is  20min to complete the first Hot Body Bootcamp DROP SET CHISEL circuit! No excuses! You can do it!

Chapter 1 Warm-up                                 11 mins
Chapter 2 Drop Set Chisel Circuit#1     20 mins
Chapter 3 Drop Set Chisel Circuit#2    19 mins
Chapter 4 Hot Body Bootcamp Abs    11mins
Chapter 5 Total Body Stretch               8 mins

This weight training DROP SET CHISEL workout is part of The Hot Body Bootcamp Series New & Exclusive to The Hollywood Trainer Club www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com Just login to the club it’s only $19.99 a month with zero commitment! Click “Exercise” then “Virtual Gym” & Press Play on Hot Body Bootcamp DROP SET CHISEL! For maximum results follow your customized Healthy Meal Plan that is served to you weekly & daily! All you have to do is login or join the Club! Let’s go!

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Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon with Organic Lemon, Asparagus and Sweet Potato. This delicious recipe is in the recipe section of The Hollywood Trainer Club. The entire meal is only 338calories, 30.8grams of protein, 7.8grams of Fiber! Sockeye Salmon is packed with Healthy Omega-3 fat that helps with transporting oxygen through the blood needed for fat burning  and decreases your risk of heart disease. Omega-3’s are also a building block for hormone production & so much more! Healthy Fat is also needed for your brain. Did you know that 60% of your brain is composed of Healthy Fat. Omega-3 deficiency puts you at increased risk of brain disorders like ADD, loss of memory & dementia. It only takes 10-15min to bake & it’s so delicious! For more delicious recipes & cooking instructions just login to the club www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com & click meals/recipes.


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We are so excited to launch our new HOT BODY BOOTCAMP SERIES. Our first workout in this series is Hot Body Bootcamp Cardio!  It’s time to uncover that Hot Body with Jeanette and her New heart pumping, calorie blasting Hot Body Bootcamp Cardio. Jeanette will blast the fat off of your body with her results-proven, adrenaline pumping bootcamp circuits that are fun, heart-pounding and guaranteed to burn 600-1000 calories. Yes this workout is for Men & Women and we have both male & female trainers in this workout to motivate you! Say hello Hot Body! It’s time for chiseled abs, toned arms,defined legs and a round plump booty! This 60-minute Hot Body Bootcamp can be done all at once or broken down into four shorter bootcamps:

Power Cardio 1                       10mins
Power Arms Legs & Booty    11mins
Power Cardio 2                      14mins
Power Cardio 3                      11mins

for anyone that is short on time but needs a quick calorie blast! This Cardio workout is part of The Hot Body Bootcamp Series New & Exclusive to The Hollywood Trainer Club www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com Just login to the club it’s only $19.99 a month with zero commitment! Click “Exercise” then “Virtual Gym” & Press Play on Hot Body Bootcamp! For maximum results follow your customized Healthy Meal Plan that is served to you weekly & daily! All you have to do is Login to the Club! All of the workouts in “The Hollywood Trainer Club” can be played on your phone, ipad, tablet, laptop or computer! Nothing to it but to do it! Let’s go!

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Holiday Season is here and these Honey Mustard Lamb Chops are a great dish to enjoy over the holidays! This is a simple recipe and a nice change from the regular chicken or fish meal.Get 100+ more  RECIPES like this in The Recipes A-Z section of the Club! Just click Meals then Recipes A-Z!  www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com. Prepare this the next time you have guests over and impress them with your unexpected culinary skills. They’ll be even more surprised when they find out it’s healthy!

Ingredients: 2 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice, 2 tbsp freshly squeezed orange juice, 2 tbsp minced fresh rosemary, 1/2 tsp Dijon mustard, 1 tsp minced garlic, 1 tsp onion powder, 1/2 tsp dry mustard, 6 (5-ounce) lamb chops, 6 fresh mint sprigs.

Directions: Preheat the broiler or girl to 350. In a small bowl, mix the honey, lemon juice, orange juice, rosemary, mustard, garlic, onion powder, and dry mustard to create a basting sauce. Brush each side of the lamb chops with the sauce & place on the the broiler pan or grill. Broil one side 5 to 6 inches from heat source for 6 to 7 min or until brown. Turn chops and brush with remaining sauce and broil for 6 to 7 more minutes or until brown. Garnish with mint & serve.

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1. Keep a food log. Write down what you eat every day to stay accountable. Count calories. Over the holidays, we make it too easy to say, ‘It doesn’t matter! We’re just having a good time!’ That good time can last for two months! Some people gain 10 to 15 lbs. during this season. If you keep a food log, at least you’re conscious of what you’re eating.

2. Eat your meal in a certain order.
Don’t dive right into carbs! Start with a green salad followed by protein, and then go for another vegetable. Save a treat-size portion of carbohydrates for last. When you have stuffing or mac ‘n’ cheese, have a half cup or full cup — no more.

3. Keep exercise a priority by changing how you view it.
It’s not just about looking good. We’re working out because we want to decrease our risk of illness and feel great. Look at it as an internal cleansing. Just like you take a shower and brush your teeth to clean the outside, you need to do something health-wise to clean the internal organs and get the blood flowing.

Jeanette in NYC & November Ab Blast!


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Join Jeanette Jenkins for an afternoon of fun at the iHeartMedia Health & Wellness Expo starring Dr. Oz and featuring several amazing talents including radio personality & author Angie Martinez, NBC Fitness Corespondent Jenna Wolfe, Grammy Award-winning singer Ashanti. Learn about Wellness, Healthy Living and Eating, Fitness Regimens, and Health Insurance options. Join Jeanette for a fitness panel at 2pm! She can’t wait to meet you!

DATE: Saturday, November 7th, 2015
TIME: 12-4p
LOCATION: Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel
Metropolitan Ballroom

Click the link for more details —–>>>> http://www.z100.com/common/health-expo/2015/

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NOVEMBER 10 Day Ab Blast


To kick off NOVEMBER  and to help you stay HOT & HEALTHY for the holidays join us for our 10 Day Ab Blast starting TODAY in The Club
www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com! ️Login to The Club, click “Exercise“, then “Virtual Gym, and then “10 Day Ab Blast” to view the full 10 Day program. This challenge is for both men & women! Today’s workout is only 10min so no excuses EVERYONE can join us. Let’s go! Time to burn off some of that belly fat! You can do it! Together we can stay committed & consistent! Let us know that you’re getting started by posting your progress in the “Community” section of The Club so we can motivate you. Of course blasting the fat off your belly includes healthy eating so make sure you are following our daily healthy meal plans in The Club! For new recipe ideas just click on “Meals” then “Recipes A-Z“.



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It’s time for our 10 DAY BODY BLAST challenge!! The Challenge beings this Monday OCTOBER 5th! Everything you need is in The Clubwww.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com! Join us! All you have to do is print out the 10 Day Workout Calendar. All of these workouts are in The Hollywood Trainer Club. Just click Exercises and then Virtual Gym. Once you are in the Virtual Gym select “10 Day Body Blast” and all the workouts will appear. Let’s Go!!



12 Day Body Blast.009c862def9-8dc0-41c8-9cc9-963565afde4d


1) Schedule your workouts in advance in your smartphone just like any other important meeting, this is the meeting for your health.

2) Workout Buddy. You can motivate each other to stick to your workouts and push each other to do your best in each workout.
3) Change your perspective & view exercise as an opportunity to improve your health and decrease your risk of illness. You will always feel better after you are finished your workout so remember that even if you don’t feel like going now, you will feel great when you are done!
4) Join a Community, like The Hollywood Trainer Club www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com or another supportive community. When you share your experiences with other people, you can grow and learn together.
5) Take on an exercise challenge. A designated time period like a 10, 20 or 30 day challenge so you are committed to a program for a length of time. We are currently about to start the 10Day Body Blast, challenging you to different workouts for 10days! Challenges can help you stay committed to your daily workouts.
6) Do workouts that you enjoy! If you enjoy your workout there is a greater chance that you will stay committed & consistent
7) Allow yourself to be a beginner and to progress. We all have to work hard at achieving our goals. Each time you complete your workout, you will be improving in your fitness parameters (cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility, etc.)
8) Try to get your workout completed in  the morning before you give your time to everyone & everything else and there will be a less likelihood of you canceling.
9) Try something new so your body can be challenged in new ways and you will learn something new about yourself. So if you normally do kickboxing class, try yoga or pilates.
Be open minded to new activities and new workouts.
10) Train for a 5km, 10k or Triathalon. Having an event to train for gives you something to work towards and enjoy when you have completed the race.
Get the FULL RECIPE  for this delicious Kiwi Kale Pineapple Smoothie in The Recipes A-Z section of the Club! Just click “Meals” then Recipes A-Z!
www.TheHollywoodTrainerClub.com. Jam packed with VitaminC this delicious smoothie has over 300% of your daily recommended VitaminC, over 1200% of your daily recommend amount of VitaminK & over 400% of your daily recommend amount of VitaminA!