21 Day Total Body Circuit Workout DVD

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Say Good-bye to those love handles, adios to that back fat and move over to those flabby arms and thighs. This workout will take your body from flab to fab in just 30 minutes a day. Circuit training is proven to be one of the most effective methods of training for weight loss because you’re getting the fat burning benefits of cardio training and the body sculpting benefits of weight (resistance) training in one workout. This workout includes the best time proven exercises that will blast away body fat, rev up your metabolism and reshape your muscles.

3 reviews for 21 Day Total Body Circuit Workout DVD

  1. Alexis

    So I never write for reviews for anything. But Im here today looking to buy another one of JJ’s videos because this one above is so great. I have been trying to lose weight and go to the gym daily for couple of months. Due to a number of financial and distance reasons, I couldn’t go to the gym and realized that I had this video and this was the perfect time to do it. I always put doing it off because honestly, I thought I was too fat. I know its weird lol but now that health is first I figured why not. In doing this 21 day video I lost 11 pounds but most importantly lost inches and sculpted my body. Theres a nice mixture of cardio and resistance training that almost teaches your body that you are shaping it. I love the pace of this video and that the exercises are easy to do (concept wise) but you will definitely sweat! lol Its great. I wll be buying more of her products as I continue my weight loss journey.

  2. Katina

    I really love this dvd, my best circuit is B. I am so happy I purchased it and recommended it to my friends and family. I am really trying to target my inner and outter thighs and shape my legs, with these workouts I know I will see some Great results… Thanks Jeanette, you are awesome so funny too!!

  3. Verity

    Thanks for another great workout dvd Jeanette!! This targets and focuses on your problem areas. Circuit A strikes a nice balance between weights, cardio and abs, challenging but not exhausting, which gives you the motivation to continue. I also love how the people in the video are regular, everyday people-it makes you feel part of the fun and I got a great sense of motivation from the fact that they are just like me – if they can do it, so can I!! 🙂

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