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The Hollywood Trainer AB BLAST is what you’ve been waiting for – 20 minutes of the most effective, functional and challenging ab exercises to deliver the ultimate mid-section! In this super ab routine, you will target all areas of the mid-section: rectus abdominus (the six pack), internal and external obliques, transverse abdominus (the deep muscle that act as a corset pulling in your lower belly and supporting your lower back), erector spinae muscles (muscles which line the spine) and lumbar muscles (muscles of the lower back).

This workout gives you everything you need to get the abs you’ve always dreamed of and challenges three major fitness components: muscular strength, muscular endurance and body composition (increase of lean body mass / decrease of body fat).

You’re on your way to the ultimate set of abs!

  • Sculpt and define abdominal muscles
  • Improve core strength and stability
  • Feel results after your first workout.

2 reviews for AB Blast DVD

  1. Rena Webster

    This is my favorite AB work out because it is not time consuming,easy to follow, and most of all EFFECTIVE. Jeanette put together a number of abdominal exercises that target your entire tummy area. After doing this video, I felt muscles in my stomach that I did not even realize were there.

    I also love this video because Jeanette is very informative, she names the muscle that each exercise is targeting and this video is not time consuming. $ time a week I wake up 30 minutes early and knock out a great ab workout with this video before I go to work.

    I live in a small condo so I like that I don’t need a lot of room to do this video.

    If you are looking for a workout to target your tummy area this is fabulous.

    Thanks Jeanette for this great core work out!!!!!!!!

    Rena Webster,

    London, England

  2. sherika Thomas

    I have both of her ab and butt and thigh blast DVDs. I do one of each everyday. U just started the work out and I’m going to be doing it for one month. I hope within that one month I will see results!

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