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Say hello to a Sexy Back, Round Booty and Toned Arms with Hollywood Trainer to the Stars, Jeanette Jenkins and her super fun Cardio Kickboxing workout! Jeanette will tone & define your Abs, Arms, Legs & Butt with her high calorie burning kickboxing combinations which are guaranteed to Burn 700-1000 calories!

This workout starts with 50min of non-stop cardio kickboxing broken down into 5 Chapters so if you’re short on time your can do one or two chapters or mix & match your favorites. The workout ends with 15 minute of total body sculpting, 15 minutes of focused ab work and a 7min total body stretch!

There is also an option to play the workout with or without music so you can play your favorite songs!

Warm-up 10min

Power Punch 7min

Sidekick City 11min

Roundhouse Power 12min

Knockout Round 11min

Ring The Bell Mat Work 15min

Champion Abs 15min

Stretch 8 min

Total Running Time 89minutes

6 reviews for Cardio Kickboxing

  1. Shea

    Jeanette is the BEST!! She a great fitness instructor and has a bubbly personality. I own all of her dvds, but the Cardio Kickboxing is my favorite.

  2. Natalie

    I absolutely love this DVD! I like how it is conveniently broken into different short segments. Each really gets the heart rate up and works the entire body. Jeannette is a wonderful encouraging trainer!

  3. rachal

    This is a wonderful DVD. It targets your abs, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calve muscles. the cardio is amazing because Jeanette keeps you motivated. I love all of the routines. today was my first time doing this DVD and I enjoyed it. I was tired half way through the workout, this DVD is worth buying. The best part about it is that it is fun.

  4. Shari

    I did this workout for the fist time yesterday and it was great! I’m already a huge fan of Jeanette’s, having purchased several of her DVDs already. The DVD didn’t seem to be as highly intense as say Bikini Bootcamp, but don’t sleep, it’s a challenge. As always, she keeps it fun and interesting. It’s a full body workout that gets the job done. Buy it!

  5. Shinnell

    I’ve been doing this DVD for a couple of weeks now and I absolutely love it!!!! I love that this DVD is a total body workout which is exactly what I need. I loves Jeanette’s energy, her positivity and encouragement. This DVD does totally kick you butt like Tracy said, but it’s soooooo very well worth it. If you’re looking for a high calorie burn coupled with a total body workout, this is DVD for you! Thanks Jeanette, you’re really helping me get my body into shape after two kids 🙂

  6. Tracy

    This DVD totally kicked my butt!! I couldn’t get through it the first time but I’m gonna keep trying 🙂

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