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Experience The Hollywood Trainer CARDIO SCULPT and see what kind of workout keeps the stars coming back for more! Packing classes at L.A.’s hottest health clubs, Jenkins brings you her most popular 45-minute routine that will sculpt and define your body from head to toe. In this workout, you will interval between weights and cardiovascular moves, firming and toning while burning a high number of calories. This workout is so effective because it challenges four major fitness components: muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance, all contributing to improved body composition (increase of lean body mass / decrease of body fat).

It’s a time saving total body routine with carefully selected exercises that are guaranteed to make you sweat, burn fat and get results

  • Sculpt and define your body from head to toe
  • Effectively target all major muscle groups
  • Lose fat and increase lean muscle mass

Required equipment: set of 2 – 8 lb hand weights

4 reviews for Cardio Sculpt DVD

  1. Joycelyn

    I highly recommend this DVD!

    You will not be disappointed. This DVD targets the entire body & I enjoy it because of Jeanette’s emphasis on working the arms.

    If you’re looking for a great cardio & strength training workout…..then this is it!! You will work up a sweat.

    I workout to this DVD @ least three times a week & the results have been amazing.

  2. Betty W

    I purchased this DVD in the Complete System and it is my favorite. I workout to this DVD at least four days a week and have seen the results. My body fat has been replaced with lean muscle. I also have more energy and strength. The moves are not complicated and easy to follow but it will make you bust a sweat and burn those calories. I would totally recommend this DVD to everyone, men and women!!

  3. Tia

    I love this DVD. It targets your whole body. I like the way Jeanette mixes workout with weights with cardio moves. This DVD is definitely in my workout rotation.

  4. Louise

    I absolutely love this dvd! This is by far my favorite Jeanette Jenkins dvd. The main excuse people give for not exercising is that they have busy schedules. This dvd is your solution because it is a cardio workout that targets the entire body in 45 minutes. It targets abs, different muscles in the arms, the butt, different muscles in the legs, and ends with some stretches. All you need is 3-8 pound weights and a yoga mat. If you have done Jeanette’s "Butt & Thigh Blast" dvd, you definitely need to get this one. I love Jeanette’s workouts because she truly enjoys working out and her enthusiasm is contagious. It is important to lead by example, and I have inspired so many people to start working out because they ask me what my secret is to having a toned body. If you are trying to get into shape, this is undoubtedly the dvd to get. Consider it an investment for your body and health because as you all know, “Fit is the new sexy!”

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