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The Hollywood Trainer KICKBOXING-BOOTCAMP is a high energy, jam-packed workout that guarantees some serious calorie burning! In this routine, you’ll interval kickboxing combinations with carefully selected sculpting exercises that will help you sculpt and define the arms, shoulders, abs and legs. It will also keep your heart rate elevated, enabling your endocrine system to release hormones called endorphins that will lift your spirits and put you on a natural high. This is guaranteed to become one of your favorite workouts. Jenkins’ energy is contagious and she’ll motivate you from beginning to end!

This high-energy routine challenges four major fitness components: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and muscular endurance, all contributing to improved body composition (increase of lean body mass / decrease of body fat)

  • Improve cardio while burning a high number of calories
  • Sculpt and strengthen both upper and lower body muscle groups
  • Lose fat and increase lean muscle mass

1 review for Kickboxing DVD

  1. Danielle Dobie

    This is an oldie but still a goodie!! I absolutely love it and is a regular part of my training. It’s a moderately high calorie burner, fantastic cardio & strength training combo, that really gets the endorphins pumping, and makes you feel FABULOUS!! Jeanette works along with you every step of the way and encourages you till the very end! Awesome.

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