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Say Goodbye to Stress, Unwanted Fat, Bulky Muscles and Tight Joints. In this Mind, Body, Spirit Yoga Workout, Hollywood Trainer to the stars, Jeanette Jenkins will flow you through Yoga Sequences that will give you a Long, Lean, Flexible & Toned Body. In each sequence you will connect the Breath allowing you to Relax & De-stress creating a hormonal harmony necessary to Burn fat & feel at Peace. Experience the workout that has transformed many of her A-List celebrity clients!

Equipment: Yoga Mat, Towel or Yoga Strap a Bottle of Water, Yoga Block

Level: All Beg-Advanced

3 reviews for Power Yoga

  1. Katy

    My all time favorite yoga workout. Straightforward and Challenging but produces results so far as flexibility, posture and leg / core strength are concerned. Just fantastic!

  2. Kristina

    Let me waste no time in saying i LOVE Power Yoga by Jeanette Jenkins. When I got Power Yoga, i was intermediate, I knew how to do a down dog, but not a bind, for example. So I was looking for a challenge and I definitely found it. I did it about 3x per week and I saw myself improve within a few weeks. She’s better on the dvd at explaining the moves and helping you perfect your stance better than some in-class teachers I’ve had. I ended up having hand surgery and couldn’t do yoga for weeks. I just got back to it and I only lasted 20 mins. But i’m happy I have Jeanette at home with me and I’m up for the challenge once again. You can NOT go wrong with this purchase regardless of your yoga level. Beginners, pay attention to her stances and listen (may help to watch first), intermediates look forward to the next level, and experts, expect a great workout with modifications just for you. It’s great!!!

  3. Carla

    I love this DVD!!!!! After my practice I feel more aware of my body than ever before. I also feel incredibly strong, both physically and mentally, and renewed and relaxed. Thanks Jeanette for a DVD I will enjoy for years!!!! ~Namaste~

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